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Tayko Hotels

Unique experience

Unique architecture and exceptional gastronomy merge at Tayko Hotels to offer a unique experience to every visitor, traveller or local.

Located in the heart of Bilbao and Seville, each of the hotels that make up TAYKO HOTELS represents the personality of the city in which it is located, initiating our guests on an unforgettable journey in which to discover the origins and secrets of the city.

Excellence in service and personalised treatment are the obsession of the Tayko team, acting as perfect hosts with the aim of making Tayko a home in the centre of cosmopolitan cities in which to lose oneself and enjoy oneself.

Unique architecture and interior design

The unique architecture and interior design of our spaces are the key to conveying the essence of the cities that welcome us. Restored buildings, built in the 1920s and with a strong character, have been the scene of great stories over the years. Stories that live on behind their walls, and that invite our guests to live an unparalleled experience through a sophisticated yet casual design proposal, always offering the utmost comfort.

Tayko Hotels Conocenos

Exceptional Gastronomy

Gastronomy, the other side of Tayko and the neuralgic point to unite travellers and local public. Our establishments have their own name, run by prestigious chefs to present the best of their cuisines and local produce. Gastronomy with the Martín Berasategui stamp in Bilbao, directed by Raúl Cabrera, has a Michelin-starred restaurant and a second, more casual space at street level to offer a haute cuisine experience. In Seville, accessible luxury from the hand of Rafa Zafra in the form of a seafood restaurant-brewery, the new home of the Sevillian public for their endless evenings with family and friends.

Ico Comillas

The perfect combination of experience, entertainment, relaxation, taste, style and personal service. All conceived to make Tayko a special and safe place, tailor-made for the comfort of those who visit us.

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