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Ola Martin Berasategui is the destination for lovers of haute cuisine. A restaurant with 1 Michelin star and 1 Repsol sun, Ola Martin Berasategui is located in the heart of Bilbao's Old Town, under the gastronomic direction of Martín Berasategui and with Raúl Cabrera as executive chef.


Nature is wise and you just have to know how to listen to her. The market is the one who dictates and suggests me a shopping basket to enjoy. Welcome home!

*With wine pairing 225€

*With wine pairing 175€

*For events of 10 or more people please contact us at ola@taykohotels.com.


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Give Ola Martín Berasategui.
A unique experience to enjoy haute cuisine in the heart of Bilbao.

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Looking for the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion?

Contact us at ola@taykohotels.com to make your celebration memorable.


Lunch: Wednesday to Sunday from 13:30h to 15:00h.
Dinner: Thursday to Saturday from 20:30h to 22:00h
Closed: Monday and Tuesday: lunch and dinner. Wednesday and Sunday: dinners.

Contact & Reservations

Calle Ribera, 13 – 48005 Bilbao
Reservations: ola@taykohotels.com
Telephone: +34 944 652 070

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